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Start shredding off-road

Learn everything you need to safely and confidently hit the trails at your favourite trail centre.


  • How body position, footwork, where you look, and speed effect how you ride the trail.

  • Understanding how trails are linked together, with each feature having an entry, section, and exit.

  • How to pump the bike to gain free energy and speed.

  • How trail features can affect your mindset and how to overcome them.

We’ll apply these skills during the day to help you effectively tackle descents, climbs, and corners. 

Finally, bike setup is key to making sure that you get the most out of your time on the bike. Therefore, we’ll also discuss:

  • Tyre choice and optimum tyre pressure.

  • Suspension set up for maximum performance on the trail.

  • Optimising brake lever setup to improve your riding and confidence.

  • Saddle height, what works and when to change it.


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